Herman Edwards Previews the Buffalo Bills

"Drew Bledsoe is a strong quarterback. 


"They have a good runner in Travis Henry, and the other back is Larry Centers who went to the Pro Bowl, and can catch the ball out of the backfield.  Shawn Bryson is their changeup guy with a lot of speed. 


"Their receivers are good receivers. Eric Moulds is a Pro Bowl player, big strong, physical guy.  Peerless Price has good speed.  Josh Reed is their third down guy.  Tight ends, Dave Moore is a guy we had down in Tampa, a sure-handed guy.  Jay Riemersma is a guy who is really good in the red zone. 


"On the offensive line, they are big.  They are huge.  Their one rookie guy (right tackle Mike Williams) is really big.  I think he's like 6'5, 374.  During the preseason they moved the ball around pretty well.  If you look at them, in two quarters they scored about what we scored.  They scored about 27 points.   They are a potent offense. 

"You look at their defense, they play the four-three.  They have added veteran guys in LB London Fletcher, LB Eddie Robinson and S Billy Jenkins.  The strength in their secondary are their corners.  (Antoine) Winfield and (Nate) Clements are good corners.  Winfield is also a good blitzer.  On the nickel, he plays the slot guy. 


"Their linebackers are run and hit guys.  Robinson, Fletcher, and Newman.  Their defensive line, they got the one big guy Pat Williams.  The other guys are average size, but they're pretty quick guys.

"It seems to me that they rush by people a lot in their scheme.  They rush five guys and that's how they try to put pressure on you.  And they come from all different ways.  They come up the middle, they come up the edges, they do a lot of things to try to structure your tempo offensively. 

"I told the team today that this was a team who last year came in and beat us.  They beat us at home.  We can't get all enamored by records and all of that stuff.  Opening day is opening day, and it's exciting for everyone.  Especially if you're the home team, you have a lot of energy, and I think they will come out and we will get them at their best.  Last year they opened up with Pittsburgh and took them to the fourth quarter.  So we're looking forward to a tough game against these guys."


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