5 Questions with John Abraham

Q: Are you excited to get the season going and put the preseason behind you?


Abraham: Yeah because my preseason really wasn't like a preseason. This first game for me is kind of like a preseason game and a regular season game because it's my first step trying to play with my teammates.


Q: Did Herm say you're going to start, or is the plan just to put you in on passing situations?


Abraham: In my eyes I want to start. I feel like if I can't start the game, I don't even want to play because there's no point.  If I can't compete in the actual game, then I don't want to play. If I feel I can't play the run or I can't pass rush I don't want to play and hinder the team when they could play somebody else who's better.


Q: Sam Cowart. What is he going to bring to this team?


Abraham: A tackling machine. That's Sam. In Buffalo that's all he did, and that's all he's going to do here.


Q: Are you excited to be in the game with Bryan [Thomas] on those third down situations, where he's another pass rushing presence and could take a little pressure off of you or take off a double team?


Abraham: I think everybody's excited to have Bryan in there right now just to see what he could bring to the team. The preseason is over and it's time for the season to start. It's time to produce for him and for the team. We were 4-0 in the preseason, but the preseason doesn't really mean anything. Everybody's ready to get on the field and show what they can do. BT (Bryan Thomas] being our first pick, we really want to see what he can do.


Q: Have you given him any advice in terms of how different the regular season is from the preseason?


Abraham: All I told him was to get his sacks in the first eight games and let me get mine in the last eight. I know in the beginning of the season they'll be pinpointing on me more and that's the best time for him to go out and get some sacks. Later on when they start pinpointing him, I can go out and get mine.


Q: What are your expectations for this team?


Abraham: My expectations are the Super Bowl for us. I think anything less wouldn't help us become a better football team. Just making it to the playoffs, like we did last year, is a good thing, but we got out in the first round. It's good to make it into the playoffs, but if you're not going to go all the way, there's no point.

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