5 Questions With Wayne Chrebet

Q: You guys have a lot of weapons, but coach says it starts with Curtis. How good is Curtis Martin?


Chrebet: Everyone knows he's the best running back in football. You take the three receivers we put in there, which I think stack up against any three in the league, Add in the best running back in the league and a fullback that can do it all, And tight ends that can do it, given the opportunities they get, there's really no way you can key on this offense. That's what makes it so deadly.


Q: What's different on this Buffalo team from what you saw last year?


Chrebet: They have a lot of the same guys returning from last year, and they've always had a good defense. But obviously they've got Drew up there now so it's a whole different era for them. They've got high hopes, just like everybody else.


Q: Even though as an offensive player you don't play against him, how much of a difference-maker do you think Bledsoe can be for them?


Chrebet: He's a tremendous player. I've been saying that since I've been in the league. He can throw the ball. He's got a rocket for an arm. With the cast he's got up there, I mean he had a good supporting cast in New England, but now he's got an All-Pro receiver up there in Moulds. He's going to be tough to beat up there. He's got a brand new opportunity and I'm sure this is what he's looking for.


Q: Herm was talking about wanting to open up the offense and come out passing, but at the same time avoid getting too many turnovers. Has he addressed that with you guys at all?


Chrebet: I think that's kind of an unspoken thing. Obviously you want to be careful with the ball because that's how you lose games. I think we're going to play just like we did in the preseason. Come out firing and try to be successful in the first drive and put some points on the board. That really sets the tone for the defense. We're not going to change the way we play, but obviously it's always in the back of your mind to protect the ball.


Q: How do you balance that? Herm doesn't want you guys playing safe, but doesn't want turnovers either.


Chrebet: I don't think you really balance that. You just go out there and do what you have to do. Every now and then you are going to have bad plays, but it's how you deal with them. Whenever we had a negative play in the preseason we came back the next play and had a successful play. We're not going to hold back. We're not going to be scared to make a bad play. We're going to go full-speed and see what happens.

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