Buffalo, here we come!

With a perfect 4 and 0 Preseason, an Offense clicking on all cylinders, a Defense that has potential to become one of the best the NFL has to offer, and a few Special Teams weapons that can catapult the NY Jets into NFL History. Yes Ladies & Gentlemen, it's the start of yet another NFL Season.

Get your friends and family ready, get your big screen TV all nice and cleaned, and most of all, get ready, because the NY Jets are ready to take the NFL by storm and put us diehard Jets Fans on one hell of a rollercoaster.


The NY Jets went a perfect 4-0 this Preseason. They scored 101 points in total, the highest in the AFC East. QB Vinny Testaverde hasn't looked this good since 1998, while his targets, WR's Wayne Chrebet, Santana Moss, Laveranues Coles, and Kevin Swayne are all back and just ready to continue their efforts in this NYJ version of the West Coast Offense. Plus when it comes to the red zone, expect to see a whole lot of TE Anthony Becht, he can totally do very well if he just plays like he is able to. I believe in him. Meanwhile, the workhorse behind the NY Jets, RB Curtis Martin, is ready to have another stellar Season. The Jets Offensive Line looks like it will remain one of the best in the NFL. The NY Jets Defense has the potential to finally be able to gain some respect and recognition. We have quite a few high quality DE's in Steve White, Shaun Ellis, and the lightning quick Bryan Thomas, all of which are led by John Abraham, who is coming off a Pro Bowl year. In the inside, good ol NT Jason Ferguson is back and is looking pretty solid (That right there jumps the Jets ability to stop the run by 25%). DT Larry Webster will also provide some much needed assistance to clogging up the middle. The Jets are usually known to having an excellent trio of LB's, and this year is no exception. Mo Lewis, Marvin Jones, and Sam Cowart will gel into what might end up being the best LB corps anywhere.


The new additions as our CB's in Aaron Beasley and Donnie Abraham will hopefully gel and just be ball hoggers. Nobody in the past 6 season has as many interceptions as Donnie Abraham. Beasley is known as being a heavy hitter, it'll be interesting to see how many Bills, Dolphins, and Patriots he'll be destroying on impact. SS Sam Garnes and FS Damien Robinson will also be heavy hitters, so right off the bat we have 4 guys who will nail anything that comes in the backfield, oh boy, I'm excited!!!


For the very first time in a few years, the NY Jets have the ability to having some success in the Special Teams are. We brought in P Matt Turk who many throughout the NFL consider to be the best Punter playing today. It's true from my point of view, the guy can nail Punts DEEP and has an impressive hang time too. When it comes to Punt Returns, Santana Moss and Chad Morton will be waiting. What made Moss famous at the University of Miami, might end up making him famous in the NFL too. When it comes to Kick Returns, it'll be up to Chad Morton and LaMont Jordan. Both of which are solid players who just make big plays whenever they can. I can't stress just how important field advantage is, think about how much easier it'll be on the Offense if lets say Santana Moss or LaMont Jordan puts them close to, or beyond the 50 yard line on a return? It makes things a lot more easier if you ask me.


On Sunday, September 8th 2002, the NY Jets will be in Buffalo, NY taking on the Buffalo Bills. Although I think Drew Bledsoe is an OK Quarterback, I don't see them doing much damage in the beginning of the season. No Offense Bills Fans, but it'll take a few weeks by the time he gets comfortable and in sync with his targets. Speaking of which, that's probably one of the best qualities the Bills have, their WR's. WR Eric Moulds obviously comes to mind, plus I know Peerless Price has been coming off a good season. Another Offensive Weapon is Jay Riemersma, who I believe is a TE. I don't believe their Defense is on the same level as the Jets, so I am pretty sure the key to beating the Bills would be through the legs of Curtis Martin. I think a good strategy would just stick to the run early and at the right moments, try to get some big plays through 30+ yard passes to guys like Wayne Chrebet and Laveranues Coles. Since everybody knows how fast Santana Moss is, I'd also like to see some screen plays to him and just let him do his thing.


I honestly believe if the Jets can continue scoring on their opening drive, whether a FG or a TD, we have an excellent shot at beating these guys. If we start off strong, say 2 TD's before the half, we'll be in good shape to leave Buffalo with a "W" on our Win column. Remember, the game starts at 1:00pm EST this coming Sunday (9/8/02), it's on CBS. Finally, all you Jets Fans out there, expect to have one hell of a ride on our own little Jet, because I am one of the Believers out there, if this team can execute like they did during the Preseason, grow during the Season, and play the best they can, we may end up going to San Diego not once, but twice.

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