What kind of player is DE Kenyon Coleman?

So what are the Jets getting with the signing of defensive end Kenyon Coleman?

We gathered some expert opinions to answer that question.

Coleman was a fifth round pick of Oakland in 2002. He was traded a year later to Dallas. Former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells believed the 6-5, 295 pound Coleman would be a good fit at 3-4 end. Coleman was a backup end during his four years in Dallas, playing in a defensive end rotation.

"He is coming off his best season as a pro," said ESPN's Mel Kiper. "He proved to be much more of a playmaker than we've seen in the past. Case in point, he had four sacks last year, compared to 2.5 his first four years in the league. He's a very good fit for a 3-4 defense. He was on the radar for all the teams that use that base. Whether he can be the answer as a starter is up for debate. His performance this past season showed he is more than capable of being a good-very good rotation player."

"He is a better athlete than he is a football player," according to Scouts, Inc.. "He can be quick off the ball but tends to stand straight up and expose a lot of blocking surface to opponents. There are times when it almost looks like he has it on cruise control and you don't see a lot of fire in his play. He is not terribly natural in his play, and it looks like he does things in stages. With his size and natural athleticism, he needs to show he can translate that to the playing field. Teams are not going to find specimens like him very often, and he is always going to get the benefit of doubt."

"He is getting better each year," said Jets Confidential draft expert John Murphy. "He's a good athlete for size. He is finally started to play the game last year. Before he was more athletic and a step slow to the play. The switch seemed to go on (last year). But the Jets would not want to hand him a job. They need to make him work for it this summer and he could be a solid guy."

Coleman is coming off a year where he outplayed former Dallas first round pick Marcus Spears. He could turn out to be a nice pickup for the Jets if he plays with a consistent motor.

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