Herm Edwards on Drew Bledsoe

"[His biggest assets] are toughness and his arm strength.  He gets rid of the ball very fast.  He can get it out of his hand.  And he's strong.  Sometimes when guys are trying to sack him he breaks away from the tackle.  

"When he gets hot, he can ring up the scoreboard.  They have some receivers, so they have some weapons.  They have some good receivers (Eric Moulds, Peerless Price and Josh Reed); they have a good runner, and he's a good quarterback.  

"The guy has been in the league a long time and there is a reason for that. He's a good player.  Last year he accepted what happened to him (losing his starting job), whether he liked it or not, he didn't make it an issue. Sometimes guys think they are bigger than the team, and obviously he has been
there a lot of years and he did some great things. But he understood what happened, and he was part of the team, and he handled it like a pro. I told him that in the warm-ups.  

"It worked out good for him. It generally does for good people.  You do the right thing, and good things happen.  It's not real hard to figure out.  

"They are doing some things that he likes to do. They are getting it to Moulds early in the game.  They get him going. Price is another good receiver.  They are playing to their strengths.  They run the ball, but they are going to throw it. They are not going to shy away.  They are going to throw the football.  And why not, they have a good quarterback, good
receivers.  I would throw it too, if I were them.  We are going to throw it too.  So it could be 60-50, 60, you never know. When you start throwing the ball around, you never know what happens.  The weather is going to be nice."




LS-TE James Dearth's strained left Achilles is not as serious as anticipated, and he is listed as questionable for Sunday's game in Buffalo. C Dennis O'Sullivan will be the long snapper if Dearth Can't go… T Chris Smith has a knee sprain which will keep him out for two-to-four weeks. DT Larry Webster is still listed as questionable, but Herm Edwards said he will probably hold him out of the Buffalo game. The Jets are still concerned about rushing him back before he is ready.


DE John Abraham will start on Sunday, but Edwards will limit the number of plays he sees. Edwards said Abraham is mentally ready, and was adamant about starting the Buffalo game… It's important for the Jets to get off to a good start this season, with the first three games being against division opponents, and the fact that the realignment has decreased the number of wild card teams to two. Edwards said ten wins has always been the magic number that should get a team into the playoffs.

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