Vilma talks about trade rumors on NFLN

Jonathan Vilma was interviewed by Rich Eisen and Marshall Faulk on NFL Total Access Wednesday at 7 PM ET.

Eisen: "Obviously you have heard about the trade rumors, I am sure. With you being on the trading block with the Jets, it was just sort of a paragraph thrown into a story in a Washington newspaper, that the Redskins might want to get you. Is there any truth to this?"

Vilma: "Rich I have no idea. I know that it got blown way out of proportion. The day it came out there were we had 20 phone calls. People were asking me, ‘You can't go, you cant leave you can't go to Washington.' I didn't know what was going on so finally someone forwarded me the paragraph saying that. I spoke to (Clinton) Portis a little bit and they got London Fletcher anyways so that became null and void."

Faulk: "Would those rumors have anything to do with the fact that late in the season you guys went to a '3-4' and it was said you weren't as affective in that. And if that is the case for you, which defense '4-3' or '3-4' do you feel your talents are best used?"

Vilma: "That is a great question Marshall I have never had this question asked of me before. For me it really doesn't matter which system I am in as long as I am put in a position to be successful. The last half of the season I started playing a lot better than the first half of the season. I attributed that to getting used to the system, getting used to a '3-4.' This will be my second year in a '3-4' defense, a '3-4' scheme. For me it is about getting better and being as good as I can be with in the system. However they use me is how they use me and if I make plays in it that will be better for us and better for the team."

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