DT Justin Harrell a good fit for Jets in 1st

Q)What did you measure in at the combine, and is that a good weight for you?

Harrell: 6-4¾, 300 … it's a good weight, a good height. As long as I'm running good.

Q)Are you more of a tackle or an end?

Harrell: I played 5 technique sometimes. Also I played nose, so it wouldn't be anything new to me.

Whatever team drafts me, wherever they want me to play, that's what I'm gonna do.

Q)You were a good basketball player in high school. How does that help you in football?

Harrell: I think it helped me with my footwork. Being a defensive lineman, you can kind of relate to some of that when you work on your pass rush. I think that's something that I need to work on. … Just being able to fake guys out. The offensive linemen want to get set and get their hands on you , so the more you move around, the more you make your move, that helps. Because it's said that defensive linemen are supposed to have better feet than offensive linemen.

Q)Any theories on why so many really good defensive linemen have been coming out of Tennessee?

Harrell: It just speaks to our coaches. Dan Brooks, our defensive line coach and John Chavis, the defensive coordinator. Two of the best coaches I've had since I've been playing football. They prepare you to get ready for what you'll face in the NFL. So five years of being with them really prepared me.

Q)Do you have any lingering ankle problems?

Harrell: No. I broke my ankle my sophomore year. But I had surgery and that hasn't been a problem.

Q)Where do you think you are going to get drafted?

Harrell: My goal is to be the first d-tackle taken. I'm just doing everything in my power to go out there and just try to show everybody what I can do and just leave it in their hands.

Q)You torn a bicep as a senior. How is that coming along?

Harrell: I know I'm not as strong as I usually am, but I'm just trying to show them that I'm working hard and trying to get back. I'm pretty pleased where I am right now, but a couple more months I should be back to full strength.

Q)What are you focusing in your training?

Harrell: Trying to get my strength up. I wasn't benching for four weeks. But also getting back into football shape and things like that, getting my weight down.

Q)How fast do you think you can run the 40?

Harrell: I've been training to run a 4.9.

Q)Are you comfortable playing end in a 3-4 defense?

Harrell: Some packages at Tennessee put us in the 5 technique. And I played defensive end all four years in high school, so I have some experience. The 3-4 would be something different, but it's a new challenge and it would be exciting.

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