What are the Jets getting in Wadsworth

When Andre Wadsworth came out of Florida State in 1998, he was considered an athletic freak. After all, not many 6-3, 280 pound defensive ends can run under 4.7 in the forty.

He seemed like a can't miss prospect, and was picked third in the draft by the Arizona Cardinals. After a decent rookie year (five sacks), his career came apart at the seams, as did his knees. Four surgeries later, the Cardinals waived him, just three years into his career.

He's been out of football ever since.

The Jets signed him on Monday. Wadsworth, and his two surgical knees, are going to give football one more chance, at the age of 32.

It's not for the money. His Jets deal isn't very lucrative, and he owns a car dealership in Arizona. He also invested the huge dollars he received from the Cardinals upfront very well.

He just wants to see if his knees will hold up and let him play the sport he's loved since his days as a Miami prep standout.

So if he stays healthy, what type of role would he serve with the Jets? One thing is pretty apparent – he's not going to play defensive end, especially in a 3-4 defense.

He's not built to play 3-4 defensive end, and it would be very risky for his knees for him to take on two offensive linemen on every play.

It looks like the Jets are going to try him at 3-4 outside linebacker. While Wadsworth played at around 280 pounds in Arizona, according to a league source, he's currently 265 pounds. At 6-3, 265 pounds with good natural pass rushing ability, he seems like a good fit for 3-4 OLB.

But now it's up to his knees.

If they hold up, the Jets might have something here.

Hey, you never know . . .

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