Edwards on the Game

Herm Edwards was pleased with his team's attitude and will to win, but knows improvements must follow.

On the game:

"This was a game that was obviously, for a spectator, fun to watch.  For a coach it was a nightmare, on our part of it.  I think Buffalo did some good things and also I think we self-destructed a little bit too.  We are generally not an overly penalized team.  We shot ourselves in the foot a bunch of times today.  Buffalo did a nice job of rallying at the end."


On QB Drew Bledsoe:

"We said it all along, Drew Bledsoe's a fine quarterback.  He's a strong guy and he made a lot of throws with guys hanging all over him.   He still found a way to complete passes."


On the Jets attitude:

"We talked about it last night.  We said expect to win.  No matter what happens, expect to win.  They believed that."


On the Jets special teams:

"Obviously, (KOR) Chad (Morton) was big for us today.  Special teams helped us and hurt us a couple times.  It was one of those games where we have to clean some things up but it's a good game to win on the road."


What did he learn about the team today?

"Their will to win.  That is something you don't measure.  It's something that is inside.  The guys just kept fighting.  There were a lot of times when it looked kind of bleak.  We said if we kept the score close then we'd find a way to win.  We did that last year.  We were in a lot of tight games and we found ways to win games.  Obviously we found another way to win today."


On the Bills tying touchdown near the end of regulation:

"He (Bledsoe) double-pumped and the linebacker didn't get back enough.  He had too much time in the pocket.  There were a couple of times he made some throws.  The one 50-yard (throw) to Moulds before that we were on the wrap, they were hanging over him and he gets out of it and throws it up.  He did that two or three times today.  He did a great job of that."


On KOR Chad Morton:

"We brought Chad in last year for that job.  To be a special teams guy and a return man.  He got a little nicked before the season started and Santana (Moss) was back there.  He is excellent.  He has been excellent all through the pre-season and had an excellent training camp.  He took it to heart, he really did.  We talked about returning some balls and he returned two."

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