Clemens excited to enter Year Two

The Jets opened their off-season conditioning program on Monday. While it's closed to the outside media, it is open to, and reporter Eric Allen caught up quarterback Kellen Clemens, and here are some of his comments.

Q)How much did Chad Pennington help you learn the system as a rookie?

Clemens: I told him that I was doing all this studying and still not retaining the information as well as I think I should have," Clemens said. "He said, ‘Well, you probably aren't getting pick up on if you weren't there and didn't really understand what he was doing have large impacts on the game. That is the biggest thing, just watching him prepare and figuring out how he prepares.

And Chad was great as far as sharing things with me. I tried not to bother him, but I know I was still that rookie who was tagging along. But he was awesome as far as helping me learn because of all the things he had to deal with.

Q)How did you spend your time back at the ranch in Oregon?

Clemens: We didn't get to see a lot of our families, being clearly on the other side of the country. I have a new niece and had a chance to spend some time with her," he said. "It was short, but it was also kind of long at the same time, two months was definitely different, especially going back to my hometown — there are 4,000 people there — getting back into everybody knowing everybody We built fence a little bit. We did some brush-piling cleaning up one of the fields," he said of his limited ranch participation. "I helped Mom clean out the garage — not really crazy stuff, just simple little chores and projects around the house.

Q)Are you starting to think less, and react more?

Clemens: That is really the main thing because as soon as you quit thinking, then you just react and are so much better at the quarterback position. Then you can think about what they are doing on the other side of the ball — it is a whole other deal.

Q)Are you going to mentor Marques Tuiasosopo?

Clemens: I don't know about that. Marques has been in the league. He is going to come in here to a new system. If there is anything I can help him out with, I will. I know that's too big of a hill to climb.

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