Interview with The Nation's top draft expert

Q)You don't think Carolina and Green Bay are going to pass on Greg Olson, so what do you think of the next two tight ends in the draft – Zach Miller and Ben Patrick?

Mel Kiper: Zach Miller has a chance to be a late first. Zach Miller is in the late first round mix. He ran much better during his individual workout than he did at the combine. He had a very productive career at Arizona State. To me, the kid has talent. He the ability you want as a pass catching tight end. All of these guys are liabilities as blockers, but blocking isn't as important right now. They flex the guys out, so he isn't a true tight end. Zach Miller at worse, is an early to mid second round pick.

I liked Ben Patrick at Duke. He transferred to Delaware and caught a ton of balls. He needs work as a blocker. He has a lot of skills for a 270 pounder. I think he is probably a second or third round kind of guy.

Q)Does Patrick need to be 270? Wouldn't he run a lot better at 250? Kiper: No, he's a legitimate 270. He is cut. He isn't overweight at 270. You look at him at 270, and he looks 250. On the field, he looks 250, 245. It's pretty amazing that he weighs as much as does.

Q)The Jets could use a massive 3-4 Jamal Williams, Vince Wilfork type nose tackle, who could take over for Dewayne Robertson or platoon with him. Would N.C. State's Tank Tyler be a consideration at 25?

Kiper: He would be. He had a good year. He has great strength. He did 40 plus reps at 225. He was always dealing with the double teams and triple teams. Remember N.C. State they lost John McCargo, Mario Williams and Manny Lawson off last year's defensive line. So they were depleted up front.

One thing I liked about Tank Tyler is he battled. He battled all year. He doesn't quit on plays. He gets banged around because there are 2-3 guys banging on him on every play. He played well this year. He had a great game against Boston College. That was his signature game. I wouldn't be a stretch for the Jets to take him where they are picking. But I think people are looking at him as a second or third round pick.

Q)Is he a better fit for the 3-4 or 4-3?

Kiper: He can angle in a 4-3 or you could play him as a true nose tackle. He is huge. From a standpoint of strength and bulk, he can play a 3-4. He has some athletic ability. He has some quickness. He had some games where he was a stickout performer. I like the fact that he hustles. He stays on his feet. He will chase and hustle. He is a good football player.

We will have Part 2 of this interview on Friday.

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