Part 2 with The Nation's top draft expert

Q)I know you feel the Jets might pick a cornerback in the first round. Who would make sense around 25, and if they don't pick one there, who are some late second round corners?

Mel Kiper:Darrelle Revis from Pitt, Aaron Ross from Texas, Eric Wright from UNLV would be in the mix in the late first.

It's a good group of corners in the late second and third round. Second and third round corners are usually very solid football players. A player like Daymeion Hughes from Cal. His stock has dropped. He could end up being a third round pick. At one point he was considered a first rounder. He's a Cover Two corner. Speed is a liability with him. But in that Cover Two system he could be fine.

Josh Wilson, a kid out of Maryland, has great recovery ability. He's more of a nickel guy, but he could be a starter in the right defense. Terrell Brown from Texas is another kid who would be in that grouping. Safety-cornerback Eric Weddle out of Utah is another one.

There are going to be a lot of corners in that second or third round area that will be intriguing.

Q)You mentioned Eric Wright out of UNLV. He had some off-the-field issues at USC that led him to transfer to UNLV. Is he a risky pick?

Kiper: Maybe it's a one-time thing, and the kid matures – develops and grows up. If it's a thing of the past, then you can say the character now is good. It's going to vary from team to team. So far, not a lot of teams have had negative things to say about the kid.

From the standpoint of a football player, he did a great job at USC the one year he was there. At UNLV, they didn't only think he was the best player on their team, but the best defensive player in the conference. He was a man among boys. He looked like an NFL cornerback this year. Eric Wright is a big-time player. Eric Wright would be a top 10-15 pick if there weren't issues. He would be right there with Leon Hall as one of the top two corners in this draft if it weren't for that.

Q)If the Jets wait until the late second to get a pass rushing outside linebacker, who might be available?

Kiper: Jay Moore from Nebraska could probably play on his feet like Mike Vrabel. He played as a down defensive end opposite Adam Carriker. Quintin Moses of Georgia saw his stock drop this past year because he didn't make a lot of big plays and impact plays behind the line. It didn't look like he closed as quickly as you would have needed him to close and get to the quarterback. He's a good football player, he just didn't take it to the next level this year. I know he was doubled a lot. He had a chance to be a top 10-15 pick. His stock has dropped as much as anybody. He's a great kid, who worked hard. He had some nice games. I think in the second round he makes sense because as a junior he looked awful good. Some people thought he'd be one of the best players in the draft at the beginning of this year.

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