5 Questions With Damien Robinson

Q: What do you think about when you look back at the mistakes that were made in the game?


Robinson: During the preseason we really didn't have many penalties, and last year we finished first in the NFL as the least penalized team. This game we had 10 penalties. We knew we made a lot of mistakes. We need to get them cleared up.


Q: How about the way the schedule is set up? You have Buffalo, New England and Miami. Is it good to get those games out of the way early?


Robinson: Well, we're going to see them regardless, but we really want to get started off fast. These are three very important games, not only in our division, but in our conference as well. It's very important that we get off to a fast start.


Q: On the play where you got the roughing the kicker penalty, were you supposed to rush the punt?


Robinson: Just like the offense has certain plays called for receivers to run certain routes and stuff like that, we do the same on special teams. Sometimes we might have one side blocking up and one side rushing. That particular play called for me to rush.


Q: Coach said that he expects you to be very comfortable in the system because you were here last year. Is that a safe assessment, that you are very comfortable with this team?


Robinson: Oh yeah. I think last year had an effect on how I come into this season. Off to a really good start and had a really good game. The sky's the limit. I'm excited about this season. I just want to go out and have fun.


Q: 10 penalties. Is that just an opening day thing or is that a mental thing?


Robinson: A lot of guys were anxious to go out and make plays. I think that happened a little bit. Guys were just excited about playing. You just want to go out and make plays, and at times you might be a little bit tired. You never know what a situation might be. This is something we know we can't have. We expect to be an excellent football team.

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