Evans Still Getting Comfortable

DT Josh Evans will be an impact player for the Jets, but his game against Buffalo showed he is still getting adjusted to the system.

Evans had a big sack on the Bills' first possession and looked good rushing the passer, but struggled against the run. On a couple of RB Travis Henry's big running plays, he took the wrong gap, the same gap the linebacker is supposed to be in, and this opened a big hole. Evans didn't sign with the Jets until just before training camp started, so it will take him a little time to get comfortable.


It's clear that tackling is going to be a problem for SS Sam Garnes because of his broken thumb. He missed a couple of tackles in the Buffalo game, and he is having trouble wrapping players up due to the bulky cast he is wearing on his hand.


The Jets signing of OL Darnell Alford was essential. With rookie T Chris Smith out a month with a knee injury, the Jets didn't want to overwork veteran Jumbo Elliott in practice. The Jets need to be careful with Elliott's problematic back. Alford will give the Jets depth and make sure Elliott isn't overworked on the scout team in practice.


While the Jets coaches did watch their next opponent New England on television Monday night, the real preparation doesn't start until they get the game film that arrives on Tuesday. The game film is shot from high up and allows you to see the whole field. On television, you can only see so much. You never see how the secondary is lined up.


QB Vinny Testaverde has a sore leg, which he suffered during his 24-yard scramble at the end of regulation. He should be okay for the New England game… FS Damien Robinson suffered a neck injury on his roughing the kicker penalty, but should also be ready to go against New England.

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