Part 3 with The Nation's top draft expert

Q)What happened to Georgia's Quintin Moses as a senior. Why did his play slip?

Mel Kiper: It could have been senioritis. It could have been that the double teams Moses got allowed Charles Johnson to get a lot of sacks on the other side. Johnson was free up, so you can say Moses allowed that to happen.

Or maybe Moses was a little overrated going into his senior year. There could have been a little bit of that. He's not an off-the-charts workout guy.

But this has happened before. It's happened plenty of times where a guy had a high grade as a junior and his stock went down as a senior.

Moses just didn't come through with game-changing plays in 2006. He didn't have a lot of sacks or a lot of hurries. He didn't have enough of those game-changing plays behind the line of scrimmage you need to have. The other kid, Charles Johnson, had more productivity.

Q)The Jets signed former Dallas defensive end Kenyon Coleman this off-season. What did you think of him coming out of UCLA, and what type of pro has he turned into?

Kiper: He's another kid like Moses. Going into his senior year, I thought he could be a first or second round pick, but he's another kid who leveled off as a senior. He had a much higher grade as a junior. Kenyon Coleman has ability. I would say he's one of those guys who won't hurt you, but he's not going to make a lot of splash. He will occupy and hustle and hold his own against the run. He will do all those things, but he's not going to be a flashy difference maker. He is what he is. He's a decent, every day guy. He's not great. He's not special, but he's workmanlike and solid. He's a very reliable player, but not anything more than that. That is about all you can say about Kenyon Coleman.

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