5 Questions with Larry Webster

Q: How difficult was it for you to be on the sideline last week?


Webster: It was very difficult. Anytime when it's your profession and you don't get to do what you've been doing most of your life, it's difficult. I just tried to give my two sense to the D-line, and tell them what I see out there and what's going on. I'm still learning when I'm not out there, when I'm on the sidelines. I'm watching the game and talking to the D-line because we do have to play them again. When we play them again I'll know what they're doing, what they're running, how to block them, and be prepared for the next time.


Q: New England ran something like 25, 26 straight passing plays last week. Would you expect to see quite a variance from that this week?


Webster: I'll look at the films and see how they played the Jets last year. They probably will [throw a lot]. It seems like that's the new scheme of things, throwing that quick pass. They were pretty successful with it Monday night. Anytime a team has success in what they're doing, they're going to continue that scheme. If you shut down that scheme, they'll have to do something else. Just get out there and get at them.


Q: Did you lobby at all with Herm to get out there and play?


Webster: The only way I can lobby is to get out there on the practice field. I had limited practice time last week so I knew my lobbying wasn't going to be successful. Hopefully this week I'll get out there and practice more and that'll be my lobbying. That's really the verbal communication; letting him see what I can do, let him see how I feel. He'll probably go in there and talk to the trainers and what not, and evaluate from there.


Q: How important is it to get a good rotation on the defensive line, and how much do you know what part of that rotation you'll be?


Webster: You want to get a good rotation because they never rotate the offensive linemen. If you rotate the D-line you always have a fresh man on top of them, so it kinds of wears on the O-line. When it counts, you get a good rotation going in and everybody's fresh.


Q: Can you figure out what the rotation system is so you know when you're going in?


Webster: Not really. You try not to. When it's you're time to get in there, you go in. Coach Carter has his own rotation system. Sometimes he might throw in all four, sometimes one, or two or three.

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