A conversation with Purdue DE Anthony Spencer

The Jets could use a dynamic pass rushing outside linebacker, and Purdue's Anthony Spencer might fill the bill. Here is a conversation with the Boilermaker standout, who is considered a late first, early second round prospect.

Q)What are your thoughts on possibly playing linebacker in the NFL?

Spencer: I've been talking to different teams about playing linebacker, but I'm pretty comfortable with my hand in the dirt. If they want me to do it, I'm up for anything. I'm just ready for a chance.

Q)You seem to be very good at causing fumble . . .

Spencer: I think I got like three on quarterbacks and a couple on running backs. It's just being aware of the ball and when the time's right to strip it. It just depends on how the running back's carrying the ball, just being ball aware. Trying to get the ball out at all times is a big part of how we're coached at Purdue.

Q)How do you explain your drastic improvement as a senior?

Spencer: It started with my little brother, Adrian, he was 16 then, getting on my case about why aren't we making this play, why we're not doing this. I went back and watched a lot of film on my previous years. A lot of the coaches were telling me the same thing, so I took that to heart and basically changed my whole mentality through spring ball and winter conditioning. It helped out a lot.

Q)Would you have to lose weight to play linebacker?

Spencer: I feel pretty agile right now (6-2, 262). I depends -- whatever the team needs me to do, I'm willing to do.

Q)How much did you drop into coverage at Purdue?

Spencer: Not so much this past season, but I did a lot during my first couple seasons at Purdue. I'm real comfortable with it.

Q)If you stay at defensive end in the NFL, would you have to put on weight?

Spencer: I played at 270 at Purdue, so I don't think I'll have to put on much more weight than that. As long as I'm able to hold the edge, and do the things they need me to do.

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