Scouting Director Joey Clinkscales speaks

Q)Joey, what do you think of Nebraska defensive end Adam Carriker?

Jets Director of College Scouting Joey Clinkscales: I think he's a great person. I think to characterize to say someone is flawless would probably be lying, but he is a top­-character guy. He's a big guy from Nebraska. He would fit what we do.

Q)In terms of character, how would the FIU-Miami brawl impact your evaluation of the players involved?

Clinkscales: I think it starts with character. In my opinion, it was a black eye on the sport. There are ways to handle disputes without fighting and kicking and scrapping in the middle of the field. If you're evaluating a player who's there, that's something that has to be looked into. It's not a determining factor. It may or may not hamper what we think about a guy. But, I mean, obviously it happened. Everyone across the country saw it. It's something you have to take under consideration.

Q)What do you think of Miami tight end Greg Olson?

Clinkscales: I think he's a talented athlete. He's a guy that came out as a junior. He's big, he's strong, he can run. He's very much comparable to (former University of Miami tight ends) Winslow and Shockey, some of those guys that have come out of the program. If you're asking me could he fit, he would fit in a lot of programs. There are very few athletic tight ends that can stretch the field vertically, and he's one of those guys.

Q)How is his blocking?

Clinkscales: He blocks.

Q)What do you think of Darrelle Revis?

Clinkscales: He's a talented athlete. He's a junior from University of Pittsburgh. We think he's strong. He's physical. He would be someone who would have a chance to compete as a starter and a punt returner for any team that he's drafted by.

Q)And Aaron Ross from Texas . . .

Clinkscales: Another guy that would be a top­-level punt returner. Probably less playing experience as a starter as then Revis. Another talented athlete who's been on a team that's won a national championship. He's a very good football player.

Q)What do you think of Arkansas cornerback Chris Houston?

Clinkscales: A talented guy, ran very fast from the University of Arkansas. Cornerback. He's been a two­y-ear starter I believe at Arkansas. Very good ball skills. Little bit undersized. Again, he's another guy, whether it be with the Jets or another team, could come in and play right away because of his talent level.

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