5 Questions with LaMont Jordan

Curtis has the utmost confidence in me and it's just a matter of me going out and playing football.

Q: How will the injury affect your ability to hold the ball?


Jordan: Well, I actually can hold the ball in my right hand because it's my dominant hand. But the difference is I'm so used to carrying the ball closest to the sideline. But I'm not going to use that as the reason why I fumbled last week, and I'm definitely not going to use that as a reason for dropping passes or anything like that. I'm expected to play.


Q: Given the opportunities you had in preseason and the time you've had, how much has your confidence been forged in terms of, if you do have to take over for Curtis [Martin] on a full-time basis?


Jordan: I'm confident in myself and the main thing is I think my teammates, the lineman and Vinny and the wide outs, they have confidence in me also. Curtis has the utmost confidence in me and it's just a matter of me going out and playing football.


Q: With Curtis's status up in the air, do you prepare in your mind that you're going to get most of the work on Sunday?


Jordan: I prepare that way every week because I know no matter whether Curtis comes into the game healthy or not, that I'm going to carry some of the load. My preparation isn't going to change. I'm going to prepare like I have during the preseason and during the regular season.


Q: Do you feel like when you get an opportunity like this that you have to pounce on it to show what you can do?


Jordan: Anytime you're playing behind somebody you want to take advantage of every opportunity. What I'm not going to do is go out there and try to do too much to prove a point. I'm not going to do that. I'm going to go out there and play like I played last year, play like I did this preseason, and play within my ability and not try to do too much.


Q: Are you frustrated as a backup?


Jordan: The most frustrating thing is that I'm a competitor and I want to get out there on the field. Anybody that's a competitor would be frustrated. I actually don't want to say frustrated, I just have that itch right now and I'm anxious to get out there. When I get my opportunity I want to make the best of it.

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