What the mainstream media is afraid to say?

There seems to be a fear in the media to criticize quarterback JaMarcus Russell. He is clearly a boom-or-bust prospect, and Pro Football Weekly draft analyst Nolan Nawrocki is one of the few people to voice the honest truth about Russell, who the Raiders picked with the first pick of the draft. Here are his concerns about Russell.

"He showed up overweight at the combine, and has a flabby body that looks like it hasn't seen the weight room," wrote Nawrocki. "He relies too much on his arm and natural ability and does not like to work. He has a lackadaisical approach to the game. He nearly lost his job in a competition prior to this junior year and needs to take the game more seriously. He struggled to points on the board vs. the speed of Auburn's and Florida's defenses. He struggles when forced to make quick reads. Does not find second and third receivers as fast as he should. Does not protect the football well. Does not show great timing or anticipation. Telegraphs his passes and rarely looks off the high safety. He acts like he already made it and doesn't realize how far he has to go."

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