This Jets move is only a good one if . . .

The Jets trade-up for cornerback Darrelle Revis could turn into a great move, only if they . . .

. . . can get a pass rushing outside linebacker in the second or third round. If the Jets stayed at 25, they could have grabbed Purdue defensive end/outside linebacker Anthony Spencer. He went 26 to Dallas, another 3-4 team.

Revis is a terrific talent, but he, and the other Jets cornerbacks, need the team's pass rush to improve. A cornerback's best friend is a good pass rush.

Right now the Jets only have one pass rusher who might scare team's a little, and that is Bryan Thomas. Former Miami Dolphin David Bowens was added in the off-season. He's an okay pass rusher, but won't have any opposing quarterback's losing sleep the night before the game.

The Jets desperately need to add a player this in Round Two or Three. It's a must.

Two second round possibilities could be a pair of Texas prospects - Tim Crowder or Brian Robison. Georgia's Quintin Moses should also be around.

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