5 Questions with Vinny Testaverde

QB Vinny Testaverde chats about the upcoming match up against New England.

Q: Belichick's defenses have so many different looks. Can you talk about that?


Testaverde: The defense coach Belichick runs is very complicated. There are guys that haven't seen it a lot. I've been fortunate in that I've played for Bill in Cleveland, I practiced against his defense when he was here with the Jets, and now I've played against him a couple times against the Patriots as a patriots coach. It's still hard for me and I've seen it probably more than any quarterback in the league. You really have to be prepared and be ready to go against a lot of different looks.


Q: Do you just do what you do and not try to out think them or?


Testaverde: There's a certain part of you where, you just have to go do what you do and try to do it as best as you can. But then there's another part where you know he's going to give you different looks and you better be prepared and don't be surprised by it.


Q: How much weight is there on this game because it's the home opener and your playing the defending World Champs?


Testaverde: We were talking yesterday and I told the guys if you want to be the best you have to beat the best. Certainly they're the World Champs coming into our house, but just because they were World Champs doesn't mean we can't beat them. As long as we continue to play good football we have a chance.


Q: Did you watch the game Monday night?


Testaverde: Very little. You don't get to see too much on TV compared to in the [game] film.


Q: You're coming off of a good performance last week. Are you feeling good about yourself and everything clicking with this offense?


Testaverde: Well I feel pretty good. I think our offense is confident that we can make plays. I think going into this week we know we have to do those same things and if we do that we'll have a good chance to win.

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