What is going on with Pete Kendall?

As first reported on JetsConfidential.com, the Jets were shopping Pete Kendall during the draft. Why is the veteran guard possibly on the outs?

It seems like Kendall is not a Mangini type of player. According to a source close to the Jets, Mangini considers him a clubhouse lawyer.

Kendall, who his extremely bright, sometimes can be too smart for his own good. He's not like most NFL players, who are like sheep, and will blindly follow. He tends to question things he doesn't think make sense, and this can turn some coaches the wrong way.

Remember former Arizona Cardinals coach Denny Green dumped Kendall, and he might have had the same issue with the guard that Mangini does.

There was speculation that Kendall turned Green into the players union for having too much contact at mini-camp. This rumor has never been substantiated.

Remember last year Mangini, and GM Mike Tannenbaum, dumped veteran center Kevin Mawae, who was also considered an outspoken clubhouse voice.

We could be seeing history repeat itself.

Remember aside from the fact that Kendall and Mawae refuse to be sycophants to any coach, they also are both around Mangini's age, and this might make Mangini a little uncomfortable.

But while the Jets did attempt to trade Kendall during the draft weekend, they obviously didn't have any takers. So he remains on the team, but could be on thin ice.

If the Jets hadn't traded up to the #12 position in the first round to pick cornerback Darrelle Revis, they would have considered picking Auburn guard Ben Grubbs at #25 to replace Kendall.

But since they didn't pick Grubbs, and didn't add a guard in the draft, Kendall remains on the team. But his position on the Jets has be considered precarious. One possible replacement could be guard Adrien Clarke, who was signed as a free agent this off-season. He was the Eagles for a couple of seasons, and actually started three games as a rookie at left guard. He also played left guard at the University of Tennessee. Another candidate to replace Kendall could be veteran Wade Smith, who was a Jets backup last year. Smith is a favorite of offensive line coach Tony Wise, who coached the Memphis-product with the Miami Dolphins.

But there also is a decent chance that Kendall will be on the Jets this season. Mangini's issues with Kendall aren't serious enough for him to cut him without an adequate replacement, like Green did.

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