Will the Jets pursue Joe Andruzzi?

Last week the Cleveland Browns released veteran guard Joe Andruzzi. Since he has New England Patriot roots, it's assumed, by some, that the Jets will make a bee-line for him.

Especially since the Jets were shopping current starting left guard Pete Kendall during the draft.

But while he's been a solid player in the league for a decade (Green Bay New England and Cleveland), it looks like he might be on the downside of his career.

"His knees are shot, it was painful watching him walk around the locker room after games," said one long-time Browns' observer. "He has a great heart, he's a real warrior-type, but he needs to hang it up."

Another Brown's observer said it was painful to watch him stretch prior to practice last year.

But in all fairness, while he did struggle with knee issues in Cleveland, it's unclear if his "knees are shot" as the observer pointed out.

Andruzzi clearly wants to keep playing, and the Staten Island-native would love a chance to suit-up for the Green-and-White.

"I know [Andruzzi] would love the chance to come in and visit with [Jets coach] Eric [Mangini]," his agent Joseph Linta told the Bergen Record.

But after the Jets cleared running back Kevan Barlow to play last year with a bad knee, they are less likely to take a flyer on a veteran with knee issues.

Plus, Andruzzi isn't an upgrade over Kendall, and is just two years younger. If the Jets are going to dump Kendall, it's likely going to be for a much younger player who upgrades the position, not a journeyman.

So Andruzzi to the Jets seems like a long-shot.

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