Two sides to the Kendall story

It's not just the Jets who have soured a little on guard Pete Kendall.

He isn't too happy with them either.

According Yahoo Sport's Jason Cole, a big reason why the Jets were trying to trade Kendall during the draft, is his desire for a raise.

"Kendall and agent Neil Schwartz have been trying to renegotiate his contract with the Jets, hoping for a raise of approximately $1 million," wrote Cole. "Kendall, who has three years remaining on his Jets deal after restructuring it a year ago, is scheduled to earn $1.7 million this year.

"Kendall has been unhappy with his contract since seeing the sharp rise in free-agent deals for interior linemen this offseason. Among the guards who will earn more than $6 million after signing new contracts are Kris Dielman with San Diego, Derrick Dockery with Buffalo and Eric Steinbach with Cleveland."

It's highly unlikely that the Jets will give Kendall more money, especially since, in a story broken by this website, some team officials consider him a "clubhouse lawyer."

So you get the idea that neither side is thrilled with the other for different reasons. So a parting of the ways could be in the offing.

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