Jets potential draft steal

When you look at the Jets draft, most of the attention goes to their first two picks, players the team traded up to get.

In the minds of most, the Jets draft is all about first round pick Darrelle Revis, and second round selection, David Harris.

Both of while those players should be terrific players for the Jet, but there is another draft pick who could have a significant impact on the team in years to come.

Seventh round selection Chansi Stuckey could turn out to be a major steal.

Stuckey, a wide receiver out of Clemson, slipped in the draft due to injury issues as a senior. He broke his foot, and not only did this derail his final year at Clemson, but led to him testing poorly at the Combine. He ran a 4.6, but when healthy, is more like a 4.4 guy.

As a junior, Stuckey earned first team All-ACC honors, the first Clemson receiver since 1984 to earn this distinction. He led the team with 64 catches, and looked like the second-coming of Deion Branch. When healthy he has excellent speed and quickness, and is a talented runner after the catch - a major threat in the open field. On top of this, he has very good hands, and is a terrific returner. He's also a Tangini-type player with great leadership skills, work habits and character.

He could make a solid future replacement for Tim Dwight as the team's slot receiver. The big question is about his health.

He was hurt quite a bit in college. In 2004, he suffered a broken ankle, had a thumb injury and concussion as a junior, and then the broken foot last year.

But if he can stay healthy, Stuckey could turn into an excellent seventh round value.

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