A conversation with Leonard Peters

Q)What has been the experience like being so far from home?

Peters: It is ok. I grew up dancing (National Polynesian dancing) since I was in fourth grade all the way through high school, so I have traveled all over the world, Taiwan, so it is ok.

Q)It's been a long road from you to this point . . .

Peters: Who knew that a person from the Samoan Islands would come here and get a chance to play or at least try out to play NFL football.

Q)Do you fashion your hair style from Troy Polamalu?

Peters: As a Polynesian background it has always been a warrior like thing to grow your hair. I don't know about comparing me to Troy Polamalu because he is one of the greatest players, but I am glad to just try to make the team.

Q)What advice did your secondary coach at Hawaii Rich Miano give you?

Peters: He played here years ago and he said it doesn't matter where you go and play just focus on the task at hand.

Q)How popular is football in Hawaii?

Peters: I went to a high school in Hawaii that's called Kahuku and I think we are tied or leading for the most (NFL) players to come out of one high school. It is a good thing for our state and our community.

Q)Is Polamalu an inspiration to you?

Peters: He is a good friend of mine. I got to meet him when they came to Hawai'i for the Pro Bowl. Our football team actually helps out with the security the day before, so we get to meet them and get to know them and stuff like that. I actually walked around with him and his wife for two days straight and got to know him and pick his mind about things. He is a great guy and an inspiration.

Q)What advice did Polamalu gave you?

Peters: He says to keep your feet on the ground, stay level headed, focus on the littlest things and try your best.

Q)You have some scars on your hands from you dancing days . . .

Peters: The fire dancing championship of the world is actually taking place in Hawai'i this week, it is at the Polynesian Culture Center. It does not matter how many times you spin the knife, the best dancers in the world get bruises and scratches from it. It is the nature of the business.

Q)How long did it take to learn how to dance?

Peters: Awhile and the best dancers still perfect their profession just like football players. To be the greatest you can be you have to practice your technique.

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