Can Revis be a shutdown corner?

Q), John, is the Jets first round pick, Darrelle Revis, lockdown cornerback material?

Murphy: Can be. His overall technique needs some work. He can get turned around or jump up on routes at times. He makes a few mistakes here and there, but is solid overall. Overall I think he will be a solid cover guy as a rookie.

Q)Why do you think the Jets fell in love with him to the degree that they traded from 25-14?

Murphy. It was a true need area. A cornerback run was coming soon. New England or Buffalo could have made a move to go up or come back up and get him. Plus he is also a great punt returner too.

Q)was his 4.38 a manufactured speed? Will he be able to run with burners Dante Stallworth and Lee Evans next year?

Murphy: I believe he can. He's a 4.4 guy no matter what. And the fact that he is taller and can match up with Moss, Chambers will be good for them too.

Q)Can David Harris stay on the field on passing downs? Are his hips too stiff to play man-to-man?

Murphy: He is better as a zone defender. But he is such a dedicated worker, that he will be better than expected if asked to perform any duty.

Q) Is his 4.59 misleading? Is it straight-line speed?

Murphy: Yes. I figured he would be more like 4.65-4.7. He's fast enough and would get beat like any other linebacker if matched one-on-one with Maurice Jones-Drew or guys like that.

Q)Did the Jets pick a two down linebacker?

Murphy: Nah because in their scheme he can be kept on the field most times.

Q)What were your thoughts on him entering the draft? How much did you like him?

Murphy: I had him #3 overall behind (Patrick) Willis and (Justin) Durant). Durant was higher because he was the best Cover-2 linebacker and could also be tried outside more effectively.

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