Jets Looking for Answers

The Patriots defensive scheme was brilliant against the Jets, and WR Santana Moss said the coverages they presented the Jets were very difficult to figure out.

Herman Edwards said on Monday that the Jets are going to go back to what they do well: running the ball with Curtis Martin. Well there are two problems with that entering the Dolphins game. First off, the Jets offensive line is nearly as good as it was last year when Martin had his record season, so it's good that Edwards wants to revert back to Martin carrying the ball 25-30 times. But that doesn't mean it's going to work.

Secondly, the Dolphins secondary could be shaky this Sunday do to injuries and lack of depth. Dolphins starting cornerback Patrick Surtain left the Colts game with knee injury, and is questionable for Sunday. The other starting cornerback, Sam Madison, is battling a sprained ankle. The nickel back Jamar Fletcher is struggling, and they are painfully thin behind these
players. They also have a new starting safety in Arturo Freeman. So between the injuries and the fact that you can exploit Fletcher and Freeman, maybe the Jets should focus on passing more than running this Sunday.

This made up vendetta by Bill Belichick against Edwards was a cheap ploy to motivate his team. Belichick says Edwards disrespected the Patriots defense by something he said last year. We don't know what Belichick is talking about: sounds like he twisted something to create some bulletin board fodder. Then after the game, Belichick still seemed angry with Edwards and barely shook his hand. Stayed-tuned for this one.

For the second straight week in a row, the Jets allowed the opponent 75 offensive plays. That is just terrible defense. Buffalo had 75 plays to the 47, and New England had 75 to the Jets 52. It's very tough to be successful with this kind of ratio.

Jets starting free safety Damien Robinson is doubtful for the Jets game in Miami with a pulled groin. While it's unfortunate when anyone gets hurt, this will give the Jets an opportunity to see if Jon McGraw can give a lift to the deep patrol. The Jets are in dire need of some speed at the safety position, and McGraw, who runs a 4.45 forty, might be just what they need.
Robinson and Sam Garnes are both good run support players, but struggle covering a lot of ground in pass coverage. Remember, they are both over 220 pounds.

If the Patriots were double-covering the Jets outside receivers, than why didn't the Jets third receiver, Moss, have more than one catch? Also, if they are doubling the outside receivers, than why not throw to Anthony Becht 10-15 times and let him have a field day? This dumping to FB Richie Anderson wasn't the solution.

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