Q-and-A with Chansi Stuckey

Q)Chansi, what are your strengths as a wide receiver?

Stuckey: I think my elusiveness and my ability to separate are my big things. And catching balls is one of my attributes, but as a receiver you have to keep working on your craft; work on your route running, work on catching the ball. You can never be too perfect.

Q)What are the things you need to work on the most?

Stuckey: I am the type of person that has a lot of hunger. I want to be the best, whether I was drafted in the first round or not drafted at all. (I'm here to) work hard and earn my keep.

Q)What has it been like going against Darrelle is practice?

Stuckey: He is a really good player; he's big, he's physical, he's fast and I think if he keeps working, he will be one of the great players in the NFL.

Q)What has your Clemson teammate Justin Miller told you about the NFL?

Stuckey: I talked to him the day I got drafted. He gave me a heads-up on what to expect and what kind of things we were going to be doing to get ready for practice. "It's long and hard, but just be ready."

Q)How close are you with Miller?

Stuckey: We were roommates my freshman year. We came in together and took a couple trips to Tennessee and Clemson together. We remained in touch throughout.

Q)Did your foot injury make you slip in the draft?

Stuckey: God puts you through different things just to make you stronger. Everything happens for a reason. I am not going to look back and regret anything. It's life.

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