Who would replace Kendall?

If the Jets and Pete Kendall eventually go their separate ways, who would replace the veteran left guard? We had a long-time NFL scout break down two of the candidates.

"I remember some scouts thought [Adrian Clarke] was an underachieving player with some talent at Ohio State," said 35-year scout Tom Marino, who now works for scout.com. "He spent too much time on the ground and wasn't a consistent finisher. He was in fact drafted late by the Eagles. I would say if they if he (Adrian Clarke) were your starter, the Jets would not be in a good playing situation.

"Wade Smith is a very good athlete who I thought should be a starter by this his 4th or 5th season. He was a converted tight end (at Memphis) who had a great deal of athletic ability. I liked his feet, bend and quickness. I didn't think he had the necessary strength nor was he a consistent finisher coming out of college. But my theory is if a lineman can bend his knees and has size and intelligence, he can eventually play. George Young used to always say, you can tell on skill people in their first training camp if they can play, but you have to wait on big men. As a college player, he looked very natural at left tackle. Good kick and slide with some recovery. If he is now strong enough, guard is a far easier position to play."

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