5 Questions with Vinny Testaverde

The Jet quarterback talks about the outspoken Herm Edwards.

Q: Have you ever seen Herm as upset as he  was this morning?


Testaverde: No. I can't remember a time where he was that emotional. I think he has every right to be. But we need to focus on the offense and not all the other stuff that's going on right now.


Q: What did you take out of what Herm's message was this morning?


Testaverde: To be honest with you, I'm not prepared to talk about how the coach was feeling this morning. My job is to get ready to play football and win a game, and that's basically what he's telling us. We're going down there, it's business, and we're going to try and win a football game. And that's what it's about, and everybody better be ready to do that. He's emotional about it, and he's upset, whatever word you want to use. I think a lot of us are. It's back out to practice today to get ready for the Dolphins.


Q: Herm talked about balancing the offense and getting back to the run and to Curtis Martin. What are your thoughts on that?


Testaverde: Curtis really hasn't gotten it at all. That's partly because of injury in the first game, but we definitely want to be more balanced.


Q: Everyone's talked about getting Curtis the ball more, but there seems to be a change in the fundamental philosophy of this offense after the first two weeks.


Testaverde: Well, if you look at the amount of plays we've run, or lack of, we through the ball 30 times in the first week, and 33 times last week. We're not getting many plays. In order to be balanced we need to have 60, 65, 70 plays so that we can run it 30 times and throw it 30 times. If we don't get that, it's hard to be balanced because you always feel like you need to make plays and throw the ball. You're trying to fight the time possession game, and we've lost that game twice, by almost double each week. We had it for about 20 minutes each week and the other team had it for 40. We're putting ourselves in bad positions, and we need to improve on that.


Q: Is it tough to open the season with three division games right off the bat?


Testaverde: It's always very tough because you don't have time to build to get better. You have to come out blazing. We're fortunate enough to be one-and-one, and if we win this game [against Miami] we'll be two and one and we'll be in a good position.


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