Q-and-A with Laveranues Coles

Q)Are you looking forward to this summer's training camp?

Coles: I could never be mentally prepared for an Eric Mangini camp. I've been through a lot of camps, but his is the toughest that I have been through in my career. And, it's not anything that I look forward to. I look at the calendar and every day I dred the fact that it is coming around.

Q)Might it be easier in Year Two?

Coles: If anything, he (Coach Mangini) has put his foot more on the gas, since we have been back. He's (Coach Mangini) not one of those guys that is going to let up. That's for sure.

Trust me, he's on pace to break it from last year.

It's his team and whatever he says, goes. I'm just trying to stick around. You know how that works.

Q)Last year you said you didn't want to go through training camp again . . .

Coles: I don't. I'm dredding going through camp, as we speak right now. From the time we left last year, I was thinking about not having to go through camp. Just something that I don't want to go through.

If anybody here tells you they want to go through it, you might have to have them checked out.

Q)How are things different in Year Two of Mangini?

Coles: I feel like he has a better feel for guys individually. When he walked through the door last year, he had to see which guys were going to be the type of guys he was going to keep around. He hadn't had a chance to put his stamp on the team yet. He had to filter guys out who weren't going to be able to cut it. That was one of the main things, just trying to make it through whatever he had for us.

As a veteran guy, I just had to fight through whatever he had us do. Whether you like it or don't like it. There always going to be some things that guys don't like, but you have to deal with it. Say, "yes sir" or "no sir" and move on. That's just the way I've handled that.

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