Kendall blasts Jets

Q)You are here at the minicamp, but are you happy?

Kendall: No, no. This situation has become a circus, and it really didn't have to be in my opinion. This goes back a long time. I tried to keep things under raps, and handle things professionally, and I don't think that has been recipricated.

I think back to the Atlanta game in 2005, which was a bad game for everybody involved. The very next morning I got a phone call, and was asked to take a paycut. I thought that was entirely unprofessional. But we kept that under wraps. We actually gave them cap relief three weeks later. I was taking needles in my back when they asked me to take a paycut.

I think all parties went into last year with the understanding that is was a one-year deal. Eric had serious reservations about keeping me on the team, but we are able to come to an agreement, and I think my play and my performance and my contribution warranted reconsideration. So I talked to my agent at the end of last year when I knew I had good film in the can. We talked around the Senior Bowl, and told them what we wanted to do. I would like to get a $1 million dollars more to get my contract back to the level it was when I signed it.

I was told that they don't renegoiate contracts with three years left. I must have amnesia. We approached them that way, and said if it's not going to work out, let's have a good divorce. Let's keep it under the radar one way or the other.

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