Pete Kendall in his own words

I had a conversation with Mike Tannenbaum two weeks ago. Mike said what I was asking for wasn't unreasonable, and he agreed that I was underpaid.

I think we have an agreement, we just don't have a contract.

The situation bothers me. It's one thing after another. I placed a phone call to Eric right before the draft, and I'm still waiting for a return phone call. I don't know how to take that. He talked to my agent who said call Pete. I still haven't gotten a call back. I guess you just take it for what it is.

Every conversation I have with them, they tell me I've done everything they've asked me to do. I tried to approach this the professional way. I tried to approach this behind the scenes under the radar – let's just do this deal.

When Eric and I spoke in early March, I thought we both walked out of the meeting with the understanding that if they weren't going to do the deal, because they didn't want to set a precedent, that we would shake hands, and wish each other luck, and go our separate ways. I must have totally misread that conversation.

My first hope, and I've maintained this all along, is I wanted deal fairly with the Jets. I'm surprised that we couldn't work it out.

You never say never; I wouldn't say the bridge is totally burned, but it doesn't seem like there is any room to give.

When I'm told my request is reasonable, and there is an agreement that I'm underpaid, I don't understand.

I've seen it come out that this came about because of the deals other guards got. Look, I understand the business. I'm going to be 34 years. I'm not asking for $18 million guaranteed. I'm asking for a fair deal this year. If I stink this year – I take less money next year. If I play the same, I stay the same.

I believe I've done a lot for the organization, I don't think my request is unreasonable. And to not even get a phone call back about it is stunning.

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