An insider's analysis of the Kendall mess

To say the Pete Kendall contract dispute is messy is an understatement. We asked a close observer of the situation to break it down for us, and here is what he said -

"Kendall wants $1 million more, to bring him to 2.7," said the observer. "He says that would be in line with what he's made earlier in his Jets' contract--$3 million a year. Says he restructured his deal with 3 years left last year to give them cap relief, so that's a lie that they don't re-do deals with 3 years left. According to Kendall's camp, the Jets also re-did Lavaranues Coles contract last year in-season, gave him an extra million.

"The Jets say they were prepared to release Kendall in 2006 and gave [his agent] permission to seek a better deal. They got one offer, and it wasn't better than what the Jets had on the table. They say he took the four-year deal for the stability when he could've taken a one-year deal, 'bet on himself' and get a better deal this year if he had a good 2006 season."

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