Mangini steps up for the troops

Eric Mangini stepped up for the troops today at the Jets facility. About 10 officers from Fort Bragg in North Carolina visited Jets mini-camp , and actually took part in some drills.

"I know some of you guys saw the soldiers that were out there today," said Mangini. "They're guests of ours from Fort Bragg. I have a friend at Fort Bragg, and we have a relationship organizationally with Fort Bragg. I thought it would be a nice opportunity for them to visit here and see the types of things that we do and give us a chance to interact with them as well.

"They are really an impressive group of guys in talking to them and learning about them, and as I told the team this morning, they're the reason that we get to do what we do each day, and that we have the chance to be out here practicing football because of the sacrifices that they make. Most of these guys have either done one or multiple tours, either in Iraq or Kosovo or Afghanistan. Some of them are Special Forces soldiers, some of them are Army Rangers - really good people. Obviously we can't thank them enough for all that they do for us each and every day, and I'm not just talking about the organization but for everybody across the nation. It's so great to have them here."

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