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Q)Is Mike Tannenbaum keeping you on the roster as punishment?

Kendall: Mike seems nervous about precedent. I've been doing everything I've been asked for three years. They're sensitive to precedent and they can determine what it is they want to do. I think it's a lousy thing to do, but it's been done to me before. Yes, I am surprised by all this and maybe I'm just naïve, but I just felt like I made a reasonable request in a professional manner at the right time and something should have been worked out. I didn't think I'd get the stone wall.

Q)How strange is it to be practicing with your teammates at minicamp?

Kendall: It's awkward. I'm not happy to be here. I suspect there are people in the organization that aren't happy I'm here. It's very awkward. Now I guess I'm second team. I don't set the reps. I was a starter since the day I walked into this league and again, I don't make those decisions.

Q)How would you describe the Jets approach to this?

Kendall: I don't think they're freezing me out. They just prefer that I go play, shut up and be happy about it and if I had under-performed my contract and wasn't worth it, I wouldn't' be here. We wouldn't be having this conversation.

Q)How did your position coaches treat you at the minicamp?

Kendall: Tony Wise and Mike Devlin have been great. I can't say a bad word about how any of the coaches have approached me. It's just awkward and I'm unhappy and everybody's aware of it.

Q)Did you accomplishing anything by talking to Coach Mangini last night before the camp started?

Kendall: Absolutely nothing. Seconds. He can get into the nature of the conversation. You have to ask him. He just wanted to know how this was going to go down today. I don't know that he wanted to control anything, he just asked what was going to go on tomorrow with the media. I told him to do what he was going to do and I'd do what I had to do. There are some hard feelings.

Q)Will you be at training camp?

Kendall: I haven't decided definitely that I'll be at camp. I guess I have to cross that bridge when I get there. What this does to the team is their consideration.

Q)Can you clarify what you current salary is?

Kendall: Again, if you take 1.9 million out from 2004. When I signed the contract I deferred the compensation. The money was earned in 2004. There was no way, if the Jets had released me last year they were going to pay me 1.9 not to play for them. I think when you look at it like that, it's incorrect. I agreed to let them roll it into a signing bonus for additional money to help the cap. In my estimation it was a one year deal based on the reservations the head coach had about me. After my meeting in March with them I thought that everything was okay or else he wouldn't have told me what he did, which was we would do something about the contract.

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