Mangini on the Kendall dispute

Q)Is the Pete Kendall situation a distraction to the team?

Mangini: This is really something that's not unique to us and something that a lot of players and coaches have gone through, we've all experienced. Each guy here is a professional. Each guy here is working at their craft, trying to get better, and we're collectively trying to get better.

Q)What do you think of Kendall as a player?

Mangini: I've been very happy with Pete as a player, and he's done a lot of good things. He'll treat this process the same way he's always treated it: as a professional.

Q)What kind of communication have you had with Pete?

Mangini: Pete and I did sit down after the season and we talked. I talked to his agent several times. Mike (Tannenbaum) talked to his agent several times. If there's any level of miscommunication, that's never something that you're looking for.

Q)What can you tell us about your meeting with Kendall prior to mini-camp?

Mangini: All meetings that I have with the players are really internal meetings. That's not just this meeting; it's really all meetings.

Q)What are your thoughts on Kendall's contract situation?

Mangini: What I'd say is with all contract matters, any of those discussions are private. I'd say in general on contracts, that situation, they're entered into freely. There are concessions on both sides with any contract. That's the nature of a contract.

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