Kendall not sure he will show up for camp

Q)If things stay the same, are you going to report to training camp?

Kendall: I'm not prepared to say that right now. My first hope, and I've maintained this all along, is that I wanted to deal fairly with the Jets. I'm surprised that we couldn't work it out but apparently the leak came out and things have been said.

You never say never. I wouldn't say the bridge is totally burned, but it doesn't seem like there's any room to give. When I'm told that my request is reasonable and there's agreement I'm underpaid, I don't understand (them not doing anything).

Q)Do you think your demands have been blown out of proportion?

Kendall; There are not extravagantly. I've seen it written that all this came out because of the deals that other guys got. I understand the business and I'll be 34 years old. I'm not asking $18 million over three years, I'm asking for a deal this year. If I stink this year, I get paid less next year, and if I play the same, I get stay the same. I'm a 12-year guy who, I believe, has done a lot for the organization and I don't think my request is unreasonable. To not even be able to get a phone call back is stunning.

Q)Could this turn into a big distraction for the team?

Kendall: That's a question for them to consider, what atmosphere they want to have. I'm an unhappy player; I'm not going to run away from that. That's what I am, I'm unhappy with my contract and it's a shame that I have to stand here and address this with you guys when I addressed this with them, way back when under the radar.

Q)Are Mangini and Tannenbaum on the same page regarding this issue?

Kendall: I have no idea if they are on the same page or not so I wouldn't even care to speculate if there is a problem between the two of them. That was 1.9 that was owed to me in 2004. So if you back the 1.9 out, it's 3.3. My deal had averaged three million a year so I'd asked for $2.7 this year which would give me six million over two years, which is a three million dollar average. That's the player I was when I came into here. The market has gone up 25 to 30 percent. I'm not asking to climb like that. Again they are not disputing my number as unfair or unreasonable and I don't think I have to justify it any more than that.

Q)Are you their kind of player?

Kendall: From everything they told me, I'm their kind of player. Again the things that Eric shared with me in that conversation you don't share with a player that you plan on running out or don't like.

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