5 Questions with Jon McGraw

The rookie safety spoke to the media about the possibility of starting this Sunday.

Q: Would you call the defensive signals in the secondary if you start?


McGraw: We make the call in the huddle all together, [but] the safeties are responsible for making adjustments so in those situations, yes [I would].


Q: How do you feel about that responsibility?


McGraw: I feel comfortable doing that. I feel like I have a comfortable grasp of the checks we put in this week and the signal calling.


Q: Is this more than you thought you would have to digest in your first year?


McGraw: Not with the safety spot. I was ready for this. As far as playing both nickel and dime positions, that was a little more than I was prepared for, but you take everything in stride. I'm picking everything up really well.


Q: Do you feel complimented knowing that they're comfortable giving you this much stuff to do?


McGraw: Yeah, definitely. It is a lot more to handle, but I like it because it gives you a better all around picture of what everyone else is doing on the field. You can understand the other responsibilities. That's basically what the nickel and dime does. It's just two outside linebackers, in on passing situations. So it gives you a better understanding of how the secondary is going to work, and what the linebackers are doing. That just helps you all around.


Q: Did you imagine when you were drafted here that you might start a game this early?


McGraw: Yes, but just because of injury. It's a long season and injuries happen all the time. They prepare you for that and they said don't come in thinking this is your redshirt year like in college. Your coming in to play, so get your mind right.

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