Q-and-A with Thomas Jones

Q)How does the Jets offense differ from the Chicago offense?

Jones: It's different than Chicago. In Chicago we ran the ball so well that we had a certain amount of plays that we ran on.

Q)It seems like this offense spreads the ball to more people than in Chicago . . .

Jones: Here we have so many good players on offense - so many good receivers and very good running backs. There are a lot of weapons on offense, so they have a lot of different ways to get guys the ball.

Q)What are your impressions of Chad Pennington so far?

Jones: He is a smart guy who comes to work every day. He has a presence in the huddle. I have watched his career because we came out in the same year of the draft. I'm just fortunate to be able to play with him.

Q)What are your thoughts on some people questioning your receiving skills?

Jones: I don't really pay attention to how people look at my skills. I do what the coaches ask me to do. If they throw me the ball, I feel pretty good about catching it.

Q)You are considered a workout warrior. What is your mindset during off-season workouts?

Jones: I try my best to rest as much as I can in the beginning of the offseason. Once I get into the middle of it, I try to go really, really hard. I don't really stop during the break before training camp. I continue to work hard up until camp. That mentally prepares me for training camp and two-a-days and how hard it is.

Q)Can you describe your workout schedule?

Jones: Usually, I work out Monday through Thursday and then I have a personal trainer for Friday. Sunday is the day that I take off. My workouts are broken up, where I can get enough rest during the week.

I enjoy working out. Even if I didn't play football, I would be one of those guys working out at the gym.

Q)Did you get a chance to talk to fellow Virginia grad Tiki Barber about playing in New York?

Jones: I talked to him about it last year. New York is a great place to play football. It's one of those things that if you do really well, you can have a lot of fun and be real successful. I'm fortunate to be here in New York. I'm from Virginia, so I'm much closer to home. All my family can come see me more now. I'm just happy to be here.

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