What's going on with the Dolphins? Part 1

1)How concerned are the Dolphins that Trent Green is one hit away from becoming "scrambled eggs" as Jason Taylor put it.

If he goes out early, whois the first man in?

A. Is Trent Green really that much more at risk than any other quarterback who's going to take a big hit. That comment, quite frankly, was a little out of line. It's not like Green is the same as Troy Aikman toward the end of his career when any sort of hit seemingly resulted in a concussion. Green has had one concussion and it was the result of a knee to the head. Another hit like that would concuss not only him, but any QB who's never had an issue with that before. It's actually better that his injury was a concussion, as opposed to something like a torn ACL or a torn rotator cuff. Now, if something did happen to Green, the guy who would get the call is Cleo Lemon, who started last year's season finale at Indy. Lemon is a young quarterback with some ability, although the Dolphins obviously don't think he's full-time starter material, otherwise they wouldn't have drafted John Beck in the second round. Beck isn't going to play this season unless there's a major emergency or he develops much quicker than anticipated.

2)The Dolphins Front Seven is getting long in the tooth. Is that going to be a problem this year?

A. The Dolphins' front seven actually has been old for the past couple of seasons, but it has yet to be a problem. The Dolphins did get a little bit younger along the defensive line when they released Kevin Carter, who will be replaced by third-year end Matt Roth. It remains to be seen whether that will mean an upgrade at the position because Roth doesn't exactly have the ideal size for a 3-4 defensive end. Every other starter in the front seven is 30 or older, other than Channing Crowder, so the issue of the group slowing always is an issue. The biggest concern has to be at nose tackle where Keith Traylor has slowed down tremendously in the second half of the last two seasons after getting off to great starts. This is where the Dolphins are hoping fourth-round pick Paul Soliai can make a quick contribution. Another question mark is Joey Porter, who some have suggested really slowed down last season in Pittsburgh. The truth is, though, that even a lesser Porter will represent an upgrade over last year's starter, Donnie Spragan, who is a serviceable player at best.

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