What was wrong with Matt Chatham last year?

Matt Chatham didn't have much of an impact on the Jets last year. Why was that?

He finished the season with just 25 tackles, and no sacks, play a significant role as the Jets third outside linebacker.

He platooned with starting linebackers - Victor Hobson and Bryan Thomas.

But he made very few plays.

Some could argue the Jets played him too much on defense, and he's just a special teams player, his main role in New England for seven years.

While there could be some truth to that, there might have been another issue that negatively impacted his play.

According to an NFL source, Chatham played most of last year with a serious foot injury that required major surgery after the season.

Throughout the year he was listed as "probable" or "questionable" with the foot ailment, so it didn't seem that significant.

But according to the source, Chatham's foot was "messed up."

Chatham was held out of the all the off-season camps due to the surgery, and his status for training camp is unknown.

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