A major concern for the Jets entering camp

The Jets are in pretty good shape at most positions entering training camp. However, one key spot has to be a cause for major concern.

The nose tackle position is extremely important in the 3-4, and the Jets have question marks up-and-down their depth chart.

No matter how much the Jets tell us otherwise, Dewayne Robertson isn't an ideal 3-4 nose tackle. He's a very talented player, but miscast in this system. He could be a Pro Bowl 4-3, three-technique tackle.

But he's going to start. The Jets have no other options.

Especially since the backup situation is even more bleak.

In the latest issue of Jets Confidential, on newsstands now, there is a "whisper" about reserve nose tackle Sione Pouha that will be very disturbing to the Jets, if it's true.

An NFL source says the affable Pouha isn't into playing football anymore, and almost retired during his rookie year.

Pouha got a little bit of a reprieve last year, since he was on injured reserve.

We will see this summer whether his love for the sport has been rekindled.

If the source is correct, the Jets have a huge problem. Not only will they be lacking an ideal starting 3-4 nose tackle, but won't have a backup either.

The only other nose tackle of note on the roster is C.J. Mosley, but he, like Robertson, is a much better fit for the 4-3.

Don't be shocked if the Jets either trade for, or pick up a nose tackle this summer off waivers.

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