Jets new PR guy Speight in for quite an open

The Jets PR department is going to have a big challenge in early August.

Usually first preseason games are boring, non-events.

But that isn't the case with the Jets preseason opener, on Friday, August 10.

Guess who might be coming to town - PETA's favorite whipping boy, Atlanta's Michael Vick?

Yes, the Jets open the preseason at home against the Falcons, and if Vick is present, their might be a record number of credentials requested for an NFL Exhibition game.

Vick was indicted this week on animal cruelty charges, for allegedly running a dog fighting ring. This is going to be one of the hottest stories during the summer and into the fall.

Considering New York City is the media capital of the world, and Giants Stadium is just a few miles away, expect an enormous number of reporters at the Meadowlands for this meaningless game.

Will the Falcons make Vick available in the post-game locker room? It's hard to answer that question right now. They might ask him to take a leave of absence.

But even if Vick isn't available, the media will likely bombard his teammates with questions about their star teammate.

If Vick does play in this game, this could become one of the hottest tickets for a first preseason game in NFL history.

And expect the activists from PETA, who clearly don't believe in due process, to be protesting en masse, outside the stadium.

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