Why did the Jets release Leonard Peters?

Even though he was a long shot to make the team, the pre-training camp release of rookie safety Leonard Peters was still surprising.

After all, by some accounts, he was the top undrafted free agent signed by the Jets.

Many people thought Peters was going to be drafted after a distingished career at the University of Hawaii.

But a major reason Peters went undrafted, is what landed him on the waiver wire a few days ago - injuries.

Peters failed his physical when he reported to training camp with other Jets rookies on July 17.

If you look at all the injuries that Peters suffered during his career with the Rainbows, this wouldn't come as a surprise.

In his second game at Hawaii in 2001, he blew a knee out, ending his season.

In 2002, he bruised his spleen and kidney in pre-season practice, and this caused him to miss five games.

During the 2004 season, he played a big chunk of that campaign with a left shoulder injury that required surgery following the season.

He played just one game in 2005 before his season ended with an MCL tear, and this led to a medical redshirt.

In the first game of the 2006 season he tore rib cartilage, and played with the malady the entire season.

So as you can see, Peters is one tough dude, but his body is a wreck, and this led to a premature end to his Jets career.

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