Martin retires - looking to buy NFL team

Curtis Martin made it official on Thursday. He retired from the NFL, and confirmed that he is close to buying an NFL team. Is it the Jets? We will find out soon.

"He's one of the most inspirational players I have ever seen," said Bill Parcells. "I always judge players by their ability to inspire others. I've seen Curtis Martin inspire numerous players and coaches and I was fortunate to be among those he inspired. He's one of the greatest players I have ever coached."

"What amazed me about Curtis was his ability to play with pain," said former teammate Sam Gash. "It gets tough playing with injuries. Watching him play injured and (still) put out a stand out performance was inspirational. His acceleration to get away from a big hit was amazing. He is one of my favorites and he was easy to block for. All I had to do was make them (the defense) blink and he went right by me."

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