Martin retires

Curtis Martin made his retirement official on Thursday.

"I don't see this as a sad time," said Martin. "Things turned out better than I thought they would from the beginning. I don't have any regrets. I'm leaving this game exactly how I want to."

A messed up right knee led to this announcement.

"Thankfully it's not too bad," said Martin.

Martin hopes his next job is as an NFL owner.

"My dream is ownership - that is my goal," said Martin. "I've always had my eye set on ownership."

Martin's lawsuit against Lloyd's of London hasn't been resolved yet.

"Not yet," said Martin. "I'm hoping things work out there. A lot of people depend on insurance companies to insure them. Many people go through the same thing, but don't have the voice I have. We will see."

Will Martin need a knee replacement?

"I hope I don't - I hope by not playing last year saved me from that," said Martin.

Martin says he can jog, but can't run full speed.

For Martin to now be here on the cusp of being an NFL owner after coming from the ghetto in Pittsburgh, is pretty amazing.

"To come from the gutter of life - from where I'm from in Pittsburgh, my pastor says there is a better chance of you being killed than any part of the country."

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